olara's results

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olara's results

Post  5276947695766 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:21 am

Tester: Jaden Yuki
Testee: olara_41

Deck of Tester: NeoSpacians
Deck of Testee:Random, synchro

DN Name of Tester: dooplissfan248
DN Name of Testee: olara_41

Match Duel: 2/3

Speed: 38/40
Attitude: 37/50
Recognition of Misplays: 150/150
Flexibility *How the testee handles his/her cards*: 249/300
Ruling Knowledge: 37/50
Deck Build: 40/40
Stalling(good if this is 20 it means you did NOT stall): 20/20


shooting quasar: 640-650/650
nova: 576-639/650
ra: 511-575/650
obelisk: 446-510/650
slifer: 380-444/650
yubel nightmare: 316-379/650
yubel terror: 253-315/650
yubel: 187-252/650
inti: 129-186/650
quilla: 75-128/650
eatos: 0-74/650

total: 571
WELCOME TO RA YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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